Axial Flow Valves

Axial flow valves

Pressure classes

  • ANSI 150 - 2500
  • API 2000 - 20000


2” - 48”

Main features and options

  • Valves for tight isolation service (ON-OFF)
  • Valves for throttling service (FLOW CONTROL)
  • Reduced valves stroke for quick closing time (SDV-HIPPS)
  • Extended design life and low maintenance interventions
  • Balanced-pressure disc design
  • Extremely wide selection of materials for both body and internals including: carbon steel, low alloy steels, stainless steels, Duplex 22/25 cr, Ni-alloys and titanium.


Main Applications

  • Production /Treatment / Transmission and Transportation /Fire Pump
  • Storage and distribution
  • Anti surge / throttling service
  • Choke and by-pass service
  • Tank loading / venting and depressurization


Design options

  • PLUG TYPE TRIM DESIGN for large flow rate and high pressure drop
  • (SINGLE) CAGE TRIM DESIGN for gas, liquid and mixed phases service where high pressure drop is predicted and noise level shall be limited
  • (MULTI) CAGE TRIM DESIGN for high pressure drops and large flow rate. Multi cage trim can be sized to suit any specific flow condition with different characteristics

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